Design Services


Our designers create innovative solutions.

Hankscraft's talented team of designers has the ability to create, integrate, and communicate innovative designs that entertain, enable, inspire, and transform. Whether designing a consumer product, appliance, products for the home or office, consumer electronics, personal care products, or b-to-b products, our product designers have the ability to design all kinds of products across various industries. We have experience in various types of materials and design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

From consumer products, beer tap handles and retail displays, our designers work from concept sketch through to complete artistic renderings. After design approval, our designers work with our team of product engineers to bring your project from a conceptual stage to reality.

Engineering Services


From initial prototype to production, our engineers solve complex challenges.

Our engineers excel at developing products to meet our customer's specifications. We are an extension of or can serve as your engineering staff. Our engineers are familiar with all phases of the Product Development Cycle, and keep up with the latest manufacturing technologies. They combine technical knowledge, human factors, and creativity in order to make your product successful in the marketplace.

Our engineers work with our designer's concepts and develop it so that it can be produced and sold. They select the materials, type of prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing methods that are cost effective and meet the production definition. They generate all drawings and 3D models that will be used for tooling, prototyping , patents, marketing, manufacturing, testing and packaging, all compliant with global standards.