AeroGlove is a patented, automated, touch-free glove dispenser. It uses an electronic motion sensor to apply poly gloves efficiently and effortlessly. Our dispenser inflates biodegradable, FDA-approved poly gloves to keep hands clean and safe from cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

WHY AeroGlove?

AeroGlove offers the convenience of touch-free glove dispensing. The AeroGlove dispenser significantly reduces contamination that can occur when pulling gloves out of boxes or off hooks. Motion sensor activation means bare hands never touch the outside of the poly glove or the AeroGlove dispenser.

  • Fast and convenient to apply and remove gloves
  • Reduces surface germ transfer
  • Reduces glove waste
  • Cost-effective replacement gloves
AeroGlove dispenser

starter kit

With everything you require in one package, the AeroGlove Starter Kit ensures you are fully prepared to maintain food safety and prevent the spread of germs. This kit includes one dispenser and single pack of both blue and clear biodegradable poly gloves, allowing you to choose the glove that best suits your needs. The AeroGlove Starter Kit is equipped with an AC power supply and D-cell batteries, making it simple to move and use in various locations.

  • Includes: Dispenser, blue and clear biodegradable poly gloves, AC power supply, and D-cell batteries.
  • Portability and convenience
  • Biodegradable gloves


Motion Activated

Power Options

AeroGlove 3500-2 Automated Touchless Glove Dispenser


AeroGlove poly glove dispenser opens gloves with a puff of air, allowing you to insert your hand without contact with anything but the glove interior. Our automated dispenser system is incredibly efficient and encourages employees to change gloves frequently, decreasing cross-contamination and boosting customer confidence.

  • Single-glove dispensing eliminates handling multiple gloves at once
  • Glove inflates with a motion-activated sensor for easy slip-on application
  • Easy refilling of gloves
  • Lightweight and portable at less than 10 lbs.
  • Multiple mounting options available: pedestal, tabletop, and wall mount
Food Safety

Food Safety



Motion Activated

Motion Activated


AeroGlove biodegradable poly gloves are FDA approved and designed to work in conjunction with the dispenser. They are available in universal-fit, biodegradable blue and clear refills. Used with the AeroGlove dispenser, they are quick to place and quick to remove. Our poly gloves can also be utilized as an over-glove to cover to make expensive latex gloves last longer.

  • Biodegradable Poly Gloves
  • One size fits most
  • FDA approved
  • Single use
  • Ambidextrous
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Designed for use with the touch-free AeroGlove System (model 3500-2)


Prevents Cross-Contamination

Food Safety


Discover the versatility of AeroGlove accessories, designed to enhance your hand hygiene and prevent cross-contamination in almost any environment.

AeroGlove Dispenser

How to Buy

Hankscraft provides direct sales of AeroGlove systems and components for orders totaling $150 or more. Place your order directly with Hankscraft by filling out our contact form or calling 608-524-4341.

For orders below $150 please visit the Webstaurant Store, a trusted distributor offering Hankscraft's AeroGlove products.