Hankscrft Inc. - Manufacturing Excellence for Nearly 100 Years

Company Divisions

     OEM Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing
Hankscraft OEM Manufacturing
Highly flexible manufacturer with in-house design and engineering services.

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     Custom Roll Towel, Toilet Tissue, Skin Care, Air Care, and Glove Dispensers
RedDot Brands
Custom Dispensers
Custom roll towel, toilet tissue, skin care, air care, and glove dispensers.

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     Point of Purchase (POP) Lighting, Motors, and Displays
Hankscraft POP
Display Components
Wide range of point of purchase display components including LEDs, LCD screens, motors, and audio.

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     Beer Tap Handles, Lighted Signs, Menu & Chalkboards, and other Point of Sale Products
AJS Tap Handles
Tap handles, menu boards, lighted signs, and promotional items. Largest tap handle producer in the U.S.!

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     Water Softeners, Water Treatment Systems, and Drinking Water Systems
Hankscraft Runxin
Water Treatment
Water treatment valves and systems for residential, commercial, and light industrial use.

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About Hankscraft

Hankscraft Corporate Office

Since 1920, Hankscraft has designed, engineered and manufactured a diverse range of electronic and electromechanical products for customers world wide. Our 300+ employees are committed to delivering value to our customers every day.

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Our Mission

"Deliver value through innovation, creativity and diversification". It's simple, yet guides everything we do.

• We deliver value to our customers by engineering and producing a quality product at a reasonable price.
• We deliver value by using our abilities to solve problems by using innovative and different methods.
• We deliver value by using our imagination to work beyond existing ideas, rules and procedures.
• We will design, manufacture and sell a wide variety of products by innovating existing products and developing new ones.


Hankscraft Office & Factory Location Map

Hankscraft manufactures and assembles quality products from three locations to better meet your needs. Through these facilities, we can achieve an optimum balance of lead time and cost.