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For more than 100 years, Hankscraft has been a trusted name in manufacturing, from our first patented product in 1920 to today’s complex assemblies. Our wealth of experience and expertise as an OEM provider will help you manage every unique product development and assembly challenge. We are the total resource for quality contract manufacturing.

Cover Image: The Ultimate Guide to Contract Manufacturing.

The Ultimate Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a broad term with many different meanings. Depending on your project type, industry and role, it varies a lot. Basically, it’s a means of hiring a third-party manufacturer to produce goods on behalf of a company.
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How to Find an Electronics Contract Manufacturer

How to Find An Electronics Contract Manufacturer

In the world of electronics, contract manufacturers play a crucial role. They are the unseen partners behind many successful products. But how do you find the right one? What factors should you consider? This guide aims to answer these questions.
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