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began with an egg in 1920.

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Hankscraft’s history began with the invention of an electric egg cooker, patented by company founder Marshall Hanks, in 1920. This novel device, which used water to complete an electrical circuit, simplified egg cooking and laid the foundation for Hankscraft. In 1930, Hankscraft expanded its product offering to include a diverse range of household items including baby bottle warmers, sterilizers, and vaporizers. The iconic Hankscraft Model 240 vaporizer can still be found in homes today, a testament to its durable and quality.

Hankscraft’s product offerings expanded over the years with the addition of small electric motors. These motors were regularly used by the advertising industry to animate point-of-purchase displays in retail stores. This growth led to the relocation of the company headquarters from Madison, Wisconsin to Reedsburg, Wisconsin, and the subsequent incorporation in 1949. Hankscraft is one of Reedsburg’s longest-standing manufacturers.

In 1999, Hankscraft acquired AJS and Associates, a specialty manufacturer of custom-crafted wood tap handles for international beverage brands. AJS added to the company’s expertise in P.O.P. (point-of-purchase) displays, expanding the product range to include unique tap handles and signage made from wood and plastic.

In 2003, Hankscraft further expanded its global reach by opening Han Ke Wu Jiao Mechanical & Electrical Co. in Suzhou, China. This strategic step added new manufacturing, sourcing, and design capabilities across a wide range of products, including PCBs, plastics, controls, electromechanical assembly, wire harnesses, and motors.

In 2004, Hankscraft changed the company name from Hankscraft Motors to Hankscraft Inc. in recognition of the company’s growing range of services and capabilities. While motors are still an important product for the company, the rebranding reflects the expansion of offerings.

In 2017, Hankscraft formed Hankscraft Runxin, a manufacturer focusing on best-in-class water treatment components and systems to address the needs posed by increasingly challenging water quality for residential and commercial users.

Today, Hankscraft is a leading provider of tap handles, P.O.P. displays, water treatment components and systems, and contract manufacturing services. Hankscraft is dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

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Community involvement runs deep in our values and history. We proudly support the first sanctioned Little League in Wisconsin, which originated in Reedsburg back in 1951, while also offering scholarships to high school graduates.

Through partnerships with local organizations, we actively contribute to the improvement of our communities and support the areas where our employees reside. We strive to make a positive impact, nurture young talent, and support the ongoing growth of Reedsburg and its surrounding communities.