LEIMM is a Hankscraft-developed, Hankscraft-patented low-energy twist-tray ice maker module. Unlike conventional ice cube makers, there is no ice tray heater. This results in the freezer staying at a stable temperature, resulting in lower energy use, improved food quality, and more usable space. The LEIMM is designed to meet NSF standards and utilizes FDA-approved materials. LEIMM is a reference design that can be adapted to a variety of sizes and configurations.

Data sheet

Learn more about LEIMM by downloading our Data Sheet.

Environmental Benefit

Heater-style ice makers can consume 84 kW/year. Hankscraft’s LEIMM uses only 0.25 kW/year, or 0.07% of the energy consumed by heater-style ice makers. LEIMM lets freezers stay colder longer, with less power.


Compact Size

The compact size of Hankscraft’s LEIMM creates extra space, providing more shelf space in standard freezers while still leaving room to store frozen foods. Where every inch matters, LEIMM allows for an additional inch of clearance; its narrow design allows more shelf space in the freezer.

Energy Efficient

Narrow Design

More Space

Custom Cube Shapes

Cube trays can be designed specifically for your application and preferred ice shape. Hankscraft can adapt the unit to your ice shape specifications, including trapezoid, crescent, large, or small shaped ice.

Custom Shape

Functionally Convenient

Tailored Ice Size

Ice Cubes
Ice Mechanism

Long Life Mechanism

Hankscraft has extensively life cycle tested LEIMM to >1,000,000 cycles. With a typical duty cycle, it is designed to operate for up to 20 years.

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LEIMM low-energy twist-tray ice maker module