Kevin Hudack Joins Hankscraft as Quality Engineer

Reedsburg, Wis. – May 16, 2024 – Hankscraft proudly welcomes Kevin Hudack to the team as Quality Engineer. Kevin brings a diverse and expansive knowledge in quality management. He’s a valuable addition for Hankscraft’s commitment to quality and cost-effective manufacturing.  

Background in Quality

Following his post-collegiate service in the US Marine Corps, Kevin embarked on a fulfilling journey with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Kevin is an ASQ Certified Quality Inspector, Quality Technician and Quality Engineer.

“I am very familiar with quality tools and techniques because of my time with ASQ and my long history with manufacturing industries,” said Kevin. “I’ve worked with manufacturing my whole adult life.”

With more than 30 years of experience in quality, he has a deep understanding of quality management principles. Kevin’s experiences span across automotive manufacturing and food industries. His diverse background makes him a perfect fit for a quality role in contract manufacturing.

Contributions to the HAnkscraft Team

At Hankscraft, Kevin assumes a key role in vendor evaluation among Hankscraft’s vast global vendor network. “A significant amount of a business’s success is created by their suppliers,” Kevin noted. “We make it a priority to understand how our suppliers manage both internal risk and their own suppliers to mitigate potential issues down the line. This ensures the highest quality standards for our products and customers.” 

Kevin’s involvement in planning for quality engineering also compliments Hankscraft’s proactive stance towards quality assurance. By prioritizing quality in the initial stages, Hankscraft averts costs for the business and its customers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

“We believe in investing in quality upfront to drive long-term benefits,” said Kevin. “A well-implemented quality system not only enhances operational efficiency but also results in increased customer satisfaction.” 

Kevin draws inspiration for his career from his father, who was a mathematics teacher and coach. “In a way, a quality professional is a teacher and coach to help manufacturing personnel understand the processes needed for a successful project,” said Kevin. 

We wish Kevin a warm welcome to the Hankscraft family. His vision and expertise promise to benefit Hankscraft’s dedication to excellence in manufacturing